Zulu People ... Information About Zulu Culture, Tribes, Beadwork, KwaZulu Natal & The King Shaka Zulu

Zulu people are best known for their culture, their beliefs, their traditional wear and most of the battles fought in the past especially theIsandlwana battle between them and the British in1879. The reason for this war was that the British Empire wanted the Zulu people to be under their control but the Zulus won the battle.

The Zulus are the largest group in South Africa from the Northern Nguni tribe which includes Xhosa and Swati people, the Swatis have now occupied Swaziland lead by King Mswati the third.Here is a chance to look up for a unique zulu name

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Origins of Zulu tribe

The Zulus believe that they are descendents of a Congo chief whom during the 16th century migrated to the South.

By the 17th and 18th century theZulu people were established in kwaZulu Natal and formed tribes and clans. The first noted King of kwaZulu is King Malandela kaLuzamu but the years in which he lead the Zulu nation are not known. When he died Ntombhela kaMalandela, the son, took over as King ... Zulu kaNtombhela lead the people from 1709.You to can learn to speak zulu!

Zulu kings

Zulu Warrior A Zulu king is always succeeded by his elder son in a clan, this is the reason why Kings had many wives so that their legacy can continue, when the ninth noted King of kwaZulu, Senzangakhona kaJama who also succeeded his father Jama kaNdaba died.

Shaka Zulu went to take the kingdom by force because he was the elder third son to Senzangakhona and Nandi kaBebe.  Nandi was the third wife to Senzangakhona, initially Shaka had every right to be King of the Zulu.

Some people were happy and some were not because of the way Nandi and Shaka Zulu were once forced out of the tribe of Senzangakhona.

Shaka Zulu

Shaka became King in 1816 and died in 1828. In the twelve years that he was King the Zulu nation became the mightiest military force in Southern Africa. Shaka was killed by his half bother Dingane kaSenzangakhona who stabbed him to death. He took the body and threw it in an empty tomb.

It was a tradition in Zululand that when a King dies, before he can be put in a tomb, people are executed (these people volunteered to die for the king or were forced) and put inside before him, but this went overboard later when Nandi died over 7,000 were executed "in grief",the Zulu clan.

The KwaZulu Natal Noted Wars

Dingane was succeeded by Mpande ka Senzangakhona since then war between the British and Zulu kept on erupting from time to time and some Zulu Kings went to exile in England.   Gatsha Buthelezi lead the Zulu party against apartheid by that time.

Still to this day the Zulu have occupied kwaZulu Natal as their original place in leadership of King Goodwill Zwelethini kaBhekuzulu.

What does the Zulu nation look like today?

Amongst other occasions that Zulus are known to celebrate in this day is theZulu girls Reed dance, held at the Royal palace in kwaZulu- Natal, where the Zulu girls sing and dance and warriors show off the Zulu weapons and shields for the King and audience.

In 2004 South Africa went to cast votes for the Greatest South African and Shaka Zulu was amongst them representing the Zulu nation and the mark he left within the Zulu tribe.

Henry Cele, a South African actor, painted a clear picture of Shaka Zulu when he starred in the Movie Shaka Zulu. I don't know about you but, the only image of Shaka Zulu we have in this generation is of Henry Cele, who is still Shaka Zulu to us...