prices begin at $1800


Symphonic Voyages is pleased to offer the following promotions:

Support Your Home Orchestra
We’re happy to share our success with the orchestras you support throughout the year.  Symphonic Voyages will make a $100 contribution for each berth purchased to the U.S. performing arts organization of your choice.  (You’ll be able to specify your preference as part of the online checkout process, or when speaking to a Symphonic Voyages representative at 1-800-970-SAIL.)  Symphonic Voyages will process all charitable contributions at the end of the 2010 calendar year.

Refer Your Friends
We’re excited about what we have to offer, and we’d appreciate your help in spreading the word.   Symphonic Voyages will reduce your accommodations fare by $100 for each referral you generate, up to the total cost of your stateroom; bring enough of your friends on board, and you can earn yourself a free cabin!

To receive a referral credit, once your friend has placed his or her stateroom deposit, we request that each of you send a short email to Symphonic Voyages ( confirming the identity of the other.  (“This is John Doe — I am referring [have been referred by] my friend, Yo-Yo Ma.”)  The referral credit will be deducted from the amount you owe on upcoming payments.  Referrals generated after you have paid in full will be processed by Symphonic Voyages as refunds to your account.

Group Discount Rates
For groups purchasing four or more berths in a single order, each member of the group receives a $100 referral discount, and the lead passenger (the person making the reservation) receives a $200 discount to his or her own cabin fare.  Each group member may of course also choose a performing arts organization to receive a $100 contribution from Symphonic Voyages as described above.