prices begin at $1800

General Questions

What is the Symphonic Voyages Caribbean Cruise 2011?
Symphonic Voyages has created the perfect winter getaway for lovers of classical music:  a performance festival on the high seas, featuring a full symphony orchestra and guest artists Cho-Liang Lin, Susan Lorette Dunn, Alex Shapiro, and Larry Rachleff.   Our maiden voyage will take place from January 3-15, 2011, departing from Baltimore and visiting the Eastern Caribbean (St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Kitts, Antigua, and St. Maarten) aboard the luxurious Celebrity Mercury.   Our clientele will have a unique opportunity to interact with the featured musicians as fellow passengers, and share with them an unforgettable vacation experience.

Are tickets still available?
Yes!  But don’t delay – some categories are sold out, most of the others are down to the last few staterooms, and availability may change abruptly in the last few weeks before our January 3rd departure.

What does the fare include?
The price includes admission to all Symphonic Voyages events, including a guaranteed seat at performances in the Celebrity Theater, as well as meals, non-carbonated beverages, the use of onboard lounges, pools, and exercise facilities, and access to the full schedule of activities programmed by the Mercury’s cruise director, which range from educational programs to cooking demonstrations to gaming tournaments to Broadway-style evening entertainment.

Items and services available for an additional fee include carbonated and alcoholic beverages, spa and beauty treatments, sessions with a personal fitness trainer, gifts for sale in the Mercury’s shopping boutiques, and shore excursions.

Not included:  Air transportation, transfers to & from the port, taxes and fees of $72.27 per person, and gratuities ranging from $138 to $180 per person based on the class of accommodation.  In addition, Celebrity Cruises reserves the right to impose a fuel supplement on all guests if the price of West Texas Intermediate fuel exceeds $65.00 per barrel.  The fuel supplement for first and second guests (per cabin) is not to exceed $10.00 per person per travel day, and for additional guests may not exceed $5.00 per person per day.

How will Symphonic Voyages group members be identified?
The members of our group will receive Symphonic Voyages lanyards upon boarding the Mercury.  Please wear your lanyard to all Symphonic Voyages events while on board; the lanyard will also hold your Celebrity ID card/ room key.

Will Celebrity offer nightly entertainment as well?
Absolutely!  It’s important to note that all SV events will take place in addition to the Mercury’s regular calendar of onboard activities, which range from educational seminars to gaming tournaments to nightly Broadway-style entertainment in the Celebrity Theater.

What orchestra will be featured?
Symphonic Voyages is forming a new 50-piece orchestra for the occasion of our debut sailing.  Musicians are selected from the pool of available professionals resident to the Baltimore/Washington DC area.  The response from the musical community has been overwhelmingly positive; as a result, the orchestra thus far includes full-time members of the National Symphony Orchestra, Washington National Opera and Baltimore Opera.  It’s going to be quite an ensemble!

What pieces are being performed?
Click here for concert information and a calendar of events.

Will the musicians be on board for the duration of the voyage?
The musicians are your fellow passengers, and when they’re not involved in a rehearsal or performance (or busy practicing), you will find them relaxing by the pool, having a drink at an on-board lounge, and otherwise enjoying their free time during what for them is a working vacation.  And a few of them will be your regular dining companions:   Symphonic Voyages will arrange the seating in the formal dining area so that every table includes a handful of musicians from the orchestra.  We encourage our clientele to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know the people behind the music.

What are the seating arrangements in the performance venues?
Symphonic Voyages events in the Celebrity Theater  (orchestral performances and solo recitals by the featured artists) will feature open seating, beginning approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of each performance.   There will be a seat available for every Symphonic Voyages patron.

Other Symphonic Voyages events will include chamber music performances featuring members of the orchestra, a pre-concert lecture/discussion series, and nightly screenings of films related to classical music. These will take place in smaller venues such as the Pavilion Night Club (capacity 300) and the Cinema/Conference Center (capacity 183), and will also feature open seating.

Will small children be admitted to performances?
To ensure a concert environment free of distractions for all our passengers, SV policy is that children must be at least 8 years old to be admitted to those performances presented in the Celebrity Theater.  Prior to each performance, we recommend that parents bring any children who fall below this age to the Ship Mates Fun Factory, located on the Vista Deck at the aft end of the ship, where they will be looked after by the Mercury’s team of Celebrity Youth Counselors.  Celebrity can also provide private, in-stateroom babysitting for a nominal fee, subject to staff availability.

Where can I find more information about the Celebrity Mercury, or about cruise traveling in general?
Click here to link to the Mercury page on the Celebrity Cruises site; Celebrity also has an extensive list of FAQ’s on every possible cruise-related subject.