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The SV Community

At Symphonic Voyages, our goal is to create more than a concert series on a cruise ship.

(Though we think that’s a great combination in itself!)

What we’re really interested in creating is a community of musicians and music-lovers that will live on after the vacation has ended.

In the classical music world at large, it has become all too easy for both performers and concertgoers to feel as though they are anonymous participants in an elaborate formal ceremony. The cruise ship environment, on the other hand, makes it easy to break down the barriers that so often separate musicians from their audiences. On a Symphonic Voyage, you will get to know the people behind the music, because the featured artists will be your fellow passengers; a few will even share your dining table. There will be numerous opportunities for you to participate in discussions and share your ideas with other like-minded individuals. And you will enjoy a series of concerts of the highest professional quality, not with a random assortment of people you’ve never seen before and will never see again, but with your new friends, brought together by a shared love of travel and classical music – the Symphonic Voyages community.

This is what Symphonic Voyages is all about. If it sounds appealing, we look forward to meeting you on our next voyage!

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