Wolves in the Southern Rockies

A website exploring the effort to restore wolves to Colorado, southern Wyoming and northern New Mexico

Wolves attacking a bison in yellowstoneWelcome!

We are a coalition of conservation organizations with one mission: ensuring the restoration of wolves to their ecological role in the Southern Rocky Mountains.

Although the issue of wolf restoration remains steeped in political controversy, every aspect of our mission finds root in the most advanced aspects of conservation biology and conflict resolution. Thus, our proposals must meet extensive scientific scrutiny and discussion with all who have an interest in the restoration of wolves--from ranchers to policy makers. In sum, we believe that careful scientific consideration and open communication will lead ultimately to the return of wolves to the hunting grounds of their ancestors in southern Wyoming, Colorado, and northern New Mexico.

Please take your time exploring this website. In the coming months, you'll find ever more information here about our efforts--so be sure to bookmark the address!

Photo: Courtesy of Doug Smith. National Park Service.

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